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Click here for printable race schedule: TBD


(Tides are displayed as the first high tide in the AM and the first low tide in the PM unless otherwise specified)









24  H: 10:39  L: 4:06

25  H: 11:32  L: 4:54

26  H: 12:20pm  L: 5:40

27  H: 1:04pm  L: 6:18am


10:00am: 1st July Jr. Series

28  H: 1:45pm  L: 6:59am

29  H: 2:24pm  L: 7:39am


12:00pm: 1st Opti Series

3:00pm: 1st Sr. Series

30  H: 3:03pm   L: 8:18am


2:30pm: Preseason Race

1  H: 3:43pm  L: 8:57am

10:00am: 1st Cabot Series


2:30pm: 1st Informal Series

2  H: 4:23pm  L: 9:37am

3  H: 5:05pm  L: 10:19am



4  H: 5:48pm   L: 11:02am


9:30am: 4th of July Meeting @ Yacht Club


2:30pm: 4th of July Race


5  H: 6:00   L: 11:47am

6  H: 6:50  L: 12:35


12:00pm: 2nd Opti 



3:00pm: 2nd Sr. Series


7  H: 7:43   L: 1:26


10:00am: 1st Challenge Cup

2:30 pm: Consolation Race

8  H: 8:39   L: 2:19


10:00am: 2nd Cabot Series


2:30pm: 2nd Informal Series

9  H: 9:35  L: 3:13

10  H: 10:33   L: 4:08



11  H: 11:29   L: 5:02


8:00am: Skiff Workshop


10:00am: 2nd and 3rd July Jr. Series

12  H: 12:25pm  L: 5:56

13  H: 1:20pm  L: 6:37am


12:00pm: 3rd Opti Series


3:00pm: 3rd Sr. Series


14  H: 2:14pm  L: 7:29am


10:00am: Narrows Race


2:30pm: Pirate Game

15  H: 3:08pm L: 8:22am

10:00am: 3rd Cabot Series


2:30pm: 3rd Informal Series

16  H: 4:02pm  L: 9:14am

17  H: 4:56pm   L: 10:07am

18  H: 5:15   L: 11:00am


8:00am: Jr. Seamanship Test


10:00am: 4th July Jr. Series

19  H: 6:48  L: 11:55am

20  H: 7:13  L: 12:51


12:00pm: 4th Opti Series


3:00pm: 4th Sr. Series


21  H: 8:15  L: 1:47

10:00am: Exchange Race

2:30pm: 2nd Challenge Cup

6:30pm: CMYC Fundraiser

22  H: 9:15  L: 2:43


10:00am: 4th Cabot Series

2:30pm: 4th Informal Series

23  H: 10:28  L: 3:37

24  H: 11:08   L: 4:28

25  H: 11:56   L: 5:14


8:00am: Skiff Workshop


10:00am: 1st August Jr. Series

26  H: 12:40pm   L: 5:58

27  H: 1:20pm  L: 6:35am

12:00pm: 5th Opti Series

3:00pm: 5th Sr. Series

9:00pm: July Moonlight Race

28  H: 1:59pm  L: 7:14am


10:00am: Popponesset Race

29  H: 2:36pm  L: 7:51am

10:00am: Old Ladies Race

2:30pm: 5th Informal


30  H: 3:14pm  L: 8:29am

31  H: 3:51pm  L: 9:08am

Jr. Series: ≤ 16

Sr. Series: ≤ 21

Cabot Series: Women only

Skipper and crew must both be eligible to qualify

All races run in accordance with US Sailing and SMSA

Scoring is calculated using Cox-Sprague system















1  H: 4:30pm   L: 9:47am


8:00am: Skiff Workshop


10:00am: 2nd August Jr. Series

2  H: 5:12pm   L: 10:28am

3  H: 5:56pm  L: 11:12am

12:00pm: 6th Opti Series


3:00pm: 6th Sr. Series


4  H: 6:18   L: 12:00


10:00am: Grand Island Race

2:30pm: Treasure Hunt

5  H: 7:11  L: 12:52


10:00am: 5th Cabot Series

2:30pm: 6th Informal Series

6  H: 8:09  L: 1:48

7  H: 9:09  L: 2:45

8  H: 10:09    L: 3:44


8:00am: Skiff Workshop


10:00am: 3rd August Jr. Series

9  H: 11:08   L: 4:42

10  H: 12:06pm L: 5:38

12:00pm: 7th Opti Series

3:00pm: 7th Sr. Series

5:00pm: CMYC Elections

11  H: 1:01pm   L: 6:17am


10:00am: Dead Neck Race

2:30 pm: Obstacle Race

12  H: 1:54  L: 7:10am


10:00am: 3rdChallenge Cup

2:30pm: 7th Informal Series

13  H: 2:46pm 

L: 8:01am

14  H: 3:38pm   L: 8:51am



15  H: 4:29pm   L: 9:41am


8:00am: Skiff Workshop


10:00am: 4th August Jr. Series

16  H: 5:21pm  L: 10:32am


2:00pm: Pram Club Champs Qualifiers

17  H: 6:14pm  L: 11:24am

12:00pm: Pram Club Champs Finals

3:00pm: 8th Sr. Series

9:00pm: August Moonlight Race

18  H: 6:45  L: 12:18


9:00am: Governor’s Bowl

19  H: 7:44  L: 1:14


10:00am: 6th Cabot


2:30pm: Makeup Slot for Informal/Cabot Series

20  H: 8:45  L: 2:11

21  H: 9:44   L: 3:07

22  H: 10:38   L: 3:59


10:00am: Makeup Slot for Jr. Series with Jr. Seamanship immediately after or at 10:00am if there is no race

23  H: 11:27  L: 4:47

24  H: 12:11pm  L: 5:32


3:00pm: 1stCommodore’s Cup


25  H: 12:51pm  L: 6:06


9:00am : Club Champs and Beanpot

26  H: 1:29pm  L: 11:13


9:00am: Club Champs and Beanpot

27  H: 2:05pm 

L: 7:22am

28  H: 2:41pm   L: 7:59am

29  H: 3:18pm   L: 8:37am


30  H: 3:56pm   L: 9:16am

31  H: 4:37pm  L: 9:57am


3:00pm: 2ndCommodore’s Cup


1  H: 5:22pm  L: 10:42am

10:00am: 1st Labor Day Series

2:30pm: 2nd Labor Day Series

2  H: 6:12pm  L: 11:31am

9:00am: Dock Pull

10:00am: 3rd Labor Day Series

3:00pm: Labor Day Meeting @ Yacht Club

3  H: 6:47  L: 12:25